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ISTELive 23 Bootcamp with Stephanie Howell and Greta Sandler

May 23, 2023 ISTE Season 2 Episode 3
ISTELive 23 Bootcamp with Stephanie Howell and Greta Sandler
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The Edge
ISTELive 23 Bootcamp with Stephanie Howell and Greta Sandler
May 23, 2023 Season 2 Episode 3

Description: In this special episode, we talk with ISTE Community Leaders Stephanie Howell and Greta Sandler about the ISTELive 23 Bootcamp. Stephanie and Greta share their goals for the bootcamp experience and discuss a compelling rationale for why people should sign up to participate. They also provide details for how and where to join the fun! 

Bootcamp Kickoff Event: Sign Up Here

Date: May 25, 2023

Time: 1:00 PM  Eastern

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Description: In this special episode, we talk with ISTE Community Leaders Stephanie Howell and Greta Sandler about the ISTELive 23 Bootcamp. Stephanie and Greta share their goals for the bootcamp experience and discuss a compelling rationale for why people should sign up to participate. They also provide details for how and where to join the fun! 

Bootcamp Kickoff Event: Sign Up Here

Date: May 25, 2023

Time: 1:00 PM  Eastern

Georgia Terlaje: [00:00:00] It is Time for the Edge, a podcast from the Itsty community leaders. If you are an educator, administrator, or anyone in the field of education, this is the podcast for you. Throughout the upcoming episodes, itsty community leaders will present stories of those who are engaged in the challenging, yet fulfilling work of education.

Coming up today, our guests will give you some tools to survive Itsty 2023. I'm one of your community leader hosts, Georgia Chila. I'm a TK five instructional coach and an educator of 34 years, and I'm here with my favorite partner in crime, Jessica Pack. Thank 

Jessica Pack: you, Georgia. I am Jessica Pak, a middle school teacher and an Isie author.

I am so excited for today's episode because we are going to talk bootcamp, ISIE bootcamp, and how to make the very best of your Isie 2023 experience. Today we are joined by our fellow [00:01:00] Isti community leaders, Stephanie Howell and Greta Sandler. Stephanie and Greta, would you introduce yourself to our listeners?

Stephanie Howell: Yeah. Hi everyone. Thanks for having us. I'm Stephanie Howell and I am an instructional technology coach in Pickerington local school district, which is located in Ohio. And this is my ninth year in education and I think it is my. Fourth isie if we're counting virtual. I don't, I don't really know. I got really confused there.

And I just remember my first isie was super overwhelming and I was just like, what is this? And why are there so many people and oh my gosh, the vendor all. So I'm really excited to kind of talk about what we have going on. 

Greta Sanders: Hi everyone. I'm Greta Sandler. I'm a learning innovation leader and fifth grade teacher at Val School in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I'm also an T certified educator. I love Easty community. My first in-person experience at Easty was [00:02:00] last year, and reflecting on that is how the bootcamp idea started. I love Easty. It has made a huge difference for me. So I just try, you know, with these kind of events and whatever we share try to help others.

Georgia Terlaje: Awesome. So I, I, with you, Greta, last year was my very first Itsty live. And yes, it was quite overwhelming on so many levels. So the word on the street is that you've created an Itsty bootcamp to help us survive. So could you tell us a little bit about that, what it is and how that came to be? 

Stephanie Howell: Yeah, I think we're actually in like a playground area in another person.

It was their first time and they're like, I feel overwhelmed. There should have been like a bootcamp to help me with the steps. I'm dehydrated. There's so many people, there's so many things and I don't remember that person. So whoever that was, I would love for you to reach [00:03:00] out to us if you're listening, because we totally wanna give you credit.

But I just remember that person and. So many people, as you talk about their first isti it, it is a lot. It's such a huge conference. It's amazing. And you kind of wanna make sure you get everything out of it that you can within those a couple days, right? And when you go home, you're able to kind of recall.

And I remember my first isti, I was like, Oh, I didn't do that. And this person posted that on Twitter. Like, was I supposed to go to this or I spent way too much time in the vendor hall or whatever. And I remember like I planned out my schedule to a t because that's what I do with conferences in the state of Ohio.

Right. And at is c I had to wait in line for Matt Miller session and I missed all these other sessions because there's like, I didn't realize the room would get full and you couldn't go in, and so like just little things like that. I learned quickly like, okay, have a backup. It's okay if you don't go to a session and you find yourself talking to someone in the hallway.

[00:04:00] And so after learning all of that kind of tips and tricks, it allowed me to have a better second year at sd. 

Greta Sanders: Yes. Once we were talking with Steph And I was telling her that I didn't know for some sessions you had to sign up before and I missed a session. I really wanted to attend. So I was telling her I wish I knew this.

And then I, we were talking about socials. There were, I didn't know about socials. So many of them, I. Totally missed them. Hadn't been for her and Tara, and airing other community leaders and Tara Raman too, that we hang out together a lot. I would have missed out everything and talking about this.

She came out with this. Again. We need to do the bootcamp. We need to help others get ready. And that's how it was born. 

Jessica Pack: I love this idea because so much of Isie to me is the community of [00:05:00] people that you're interacting with, and so it's so fun to hear that you guys were inspired by part of our community and that you're bringing this service to the community and it's connecting more people in the community.

I think that's really, really fun. 

Stephanie Howell: Yeah. And I remember my first isie too, like I was scared to go up to people. Like, I was like, that's the guy that make up made breakout edu. Or oh my gosh, there's that guy on Twitter that you know, is, does all these things. And I was like, I can't go up to them like.

They're gonna think I'm crazy. And then I think last year I was like, I'm gonna go up to anybody. And we made like a really good friend just by going up to this guy, his name's Ivo, and now he is like one of our best friends. But it's just so funny how the first isie I was, I didn't have that confidence to just say like, Hey, how are you?

And now it's just like you can talk to anybody and they're not gonna be mean or like, oh, you're, you're crazy. 

Greta Sanders: I agree. You know, I will confess something. When [00:06:00] I did T Live 21, that which was online, I attended to most of Georgia's and Jessica's sessions. Jessica, I loved your I Am poem. I, I use it with my students now and I saw you at, at the Playground and I was telling Julie Jagger like, how amazing you are and how much I learned from you both.

And I didn't have, you know, I didn't tell you. Now, I'm telling you, behind the scenes, not behind the off camera. But it happens. And I again, hadn't been for Stephanie and Tara ing and, and Tara Raman. I wouldn't have reached out to anyone and. It really makes a difference, you know? So that is one of the things we want to help people with, like starting to make connections before the conference.

Many people go on their own. I've seen people posting OND Connect like, I'm going solo. So I think reaching out to people before [00:07:00] is a great idea. 

Georgia Terlaje: And I, I know they've done like the ISTY loop. I don't know if any of you have done the Isty loop. So they connect and I don't even know who it's through, so we'll have to dig that up.

But I get this email every week and you can loop with someone on certain dates. Where you just talk to them on a zoom and you know, of common topics that you're interested in for like 30 minutes. So I've been typing in my phone like who they are, where they are, or they're coming to itty to like meet people face to face.

But I, that's one of the things I love about this organization is how we can just meet so many people from around the world doing the work that we do with this common, you know, passion. That's, it's pretty exciting.

Stephanie Howell: Yeah. And oftentimes I feel like sometimes I'm that weirdo at my school, right. That I, they're like, you're on Twitter and you are, you know, you're spending hours connecting with somebody, or you're meeting with Greta on a Sunday morning. [00:08:00] Like we've been working on bootcamp every single weekend for the past, I feel like couple weeks.

Right? And they're like, Why, and I'm like, I need these people to re-energize me. And I feel like Isti kind of does that for me. Right. So the conference is amazing when it's in person, but there's so many different ways to connect. Outside of that one conference, and I think we're trying to build that as well with this bootcamp.

Like, yes, we're preparing you with the steps and the hydration and listening to all these different podcasts and books to get like your brain kind of in the right place and taking notes. But there's also a social piece. In making those personal connections with people that will last hopefully outside of that four day event where you're able to really connect with someone when you are at home and you're like, okay, it's a Saturday and I wanna create, or I wanna do this.

And you're able to just call that person or talk to them or say, Hey, I made this. Can I get some honest feedback? And they're kind about it. They're not gonna tear it [00:09:00] down completely. They're gonna say like, and you should add this. And I think that is kind of our goal as well. And so we're gonna be using the hashtag Isti Connect or Isti Chat.

And with the hashtag, that hashtag is used for expert webinars that they do Twitter chats. And so hopefully after we start the bootcamp, people will continue the conversation throughout the year and hopefully find a new friend that they're able to make that lifelong connection with. Okay. On an 

Georgia Terlaje: aside, could I just ask, if you're talking about hydration, is there a section to talk about shoes and what kind of shoes to wear to its date?

Because I think that is really important. 

Stephanie Howell: No, you already me an idea to add that to like a Twitter like. Chat type of thing, or adding it to the Isti Connect website because on Isti Connect, it's for anybody that is attending isti, you don't need to be a member of ist. It's just are you going to Isti and I believe it's for live or if you're attending virtual [00:10:00] and I.

Greta, write that down. We are doing that for a week. I think 

Georgia Terlaje: we, I think we need to do some graphics too of, you know, yes and no. Like, just like different choices so people realize like the struggle is real and if you can't walk like six to eight miles, In a pair of shoes, then it's a no. Yes, we're 

Stephanie Howell: adding a of shoes.


Greta Sanders: We'll also be asking we, we will have a section during the boot camp that's gonna go be called Easter Live Bets. And we'll be asking for, you know, veterans to share a advice and tips like mini videos. So I think that could be, One big tip. We didn't think about the shoe. So 

Stephanie Howell: definitely it's, yeah, I wrote that down.

And I think too, if you have been isie, you can still join. You can cheer other people on. And I know for me, I need to get my steps in, right? Like Isie, I think I walked 20,000 steps a day. Trying to get from place to place. The [00:11:00] convention center is huge. And so I need to get my butt into shape so I can make it to the sessions.

And. You can also share your experience if you've been to Isie. So it's not just war, those newbies, it's for almost anybody that is wanting to build connection and kind of hype up. Estie.

Jessica Pack: What ground have we not tread? Is it, how do they sign up for 

Georgia Terlaje: it? Well, I think maybe how it's gonna be laid out time wise. Okay. If they wanna talk about that. And then the sign up. Yes. Yeah, what, what can part, 

Jessica Pack: sorry. What can participants expect in terms of how the bootcamp is laid out? 

Greta Sanders: Okay, we will be kicking having a kickoff event on May 25th at 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Yes, I have a Argentina. Time is different, so [00:12:00] but it's 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. We are planning to have some panelists. To share their advice. We also have, I dunno, should I say something about the music or we leave the surprise? 

Stephanie Howell: It's, we have lots of surprises at this live event and if you can't attend live, it will be recorded.

So you can check out the recordings to just make sure that you understand all the expectations and kind of the challenges. And so after that is still live, we start with week one and. Week one. I don't know. Should we share a challenge? 

Greta Sanders: What are you thinking? Okay, just one. Or maybe we'll share about the type of challenges we will be sharing like physical, social, and mental challenges every week.

We will be posting those on social media and also on the ETI live forum in Isti Connect so that everybody can join. And we will ask people to share you know, their progress throughout the week. We will have featured People. We have budgets. [00:13:00] I dunno, we have so many things. 

Stephanie Howell: Yeah, lots of things are planned.

And with the weeks it's gonna just kind of lead up to isti. So on May 25th, that's our kickoff at one. And then from there on the 29th, that starts week one. So you'll get weeks one challenge on the 25th, all three of them. And then you'll have a week to complete week one. And then you'll go into week two and so on and so on.

So like three will be the week of the 12th, and then leading up to Isti the 19th will be week four. And then I am flying in on the 24th. So we will be at Isti and hopefully all of that prep work will pay off. I can tell you. 

Georgia Terlaje: Oh, sorry. Go ahead, 

Stephanie Howell: Jessica. 

Jessica Pack: I, I love that you've organized this into different domains because I feel like some people may be really strong in one area and they're like, oh, I'm super fit.

I've got this. That's all I need. But then you're like, oh, wait, but you also could be prepared in these other areas. So [00:14:00] I just think that this is fabulous. I'm so excited. 

Georgia Terlaje: I, I told Jessica last year, I wish they'd had a deprivation chamber we could go into after going into the exhibit hall. Like even if it's a floating, like something to just suck out all the sensory stuff so I could go back and get more.

 So if somebody wants to create that, you know, please go forward and 

Greta Sanders: conquer.

Georgia Terlaje: Is there anything else you ladies like to add that you think people might need to know before they can get started with the bootcamp? 

Stephanie Howell: Yeah, I think the big thing is once you kind of get the challenges, you're going to be either using the Isti Connect on the Isti website or you can use Twitter or you can do both.

So you can use that hashtag ISTI chat. And once you kind of connect with other people, direct message them, share how they are helping you or give them some encouragement, and [00:15:00] once you finish all of those challenges, there's going to be a Google. Form and you will fill out that Google form at the end. It won't open until the very end of all of the weeks.

And you'll just say, okay, I completed week one, week two, week three, week four, or maybe I completed two, three and four, or maybe I completed two and four. So whatever you did, and those lucky Google form entries might be. In for a surprise. We're not gonna share what those surprises might be yet. But you'll make sure you check out social media to kind of get updates and different things like that.

And after you complete all of those weeks, you are eligible to be an A soldier. So you will be our isie. So soldier going into IST 23 and we have just, again, some just fun activities and badges that you're able to earn along the way. I was 

Georgia Terlaje: hoping for buttons and badges. 

Greta Sanders: And I think it's important for people to know that, for example, we share challenges on week one, but if you are joining [00:16:00] us on week two, you can still do week one.

Challenges. You know, educators, we are always busy. Maybe you cannot complete one challenge on week two, but you can complete it it in week four, so that's not a problem. We are flexible. We are all about the experience and helping everybody get ready to make the most of Easy Live. 

Stephanie Howell: And if you feel called to volunteer and help out with this we have some behind the scenes or in the scenes type of activities that can take you five minutes or it could take you a couple hours a week.

It's just kind of up to you on how much time you wanna commit. If you do wanna help, if you're like, oh my gosh, I've been to Isie. This is my 10th isie and I wanna give back, I wanna help somebody that this is their first time going to Isie, just reach out to Greta or my. And we will gladly connect you to where we think you'll fit best and where you think you fit best behind the scenes or maybe you want the spotlight.

There are all different kinds of roles to really help this event be really successful, [00:17:00] and we just, we're really excited to see all of the people get ready for IST and prepared mentally, socially, and physically.

Jessica Pack: Well, thank you so much for sharing about isty Bootcamp today. If listeners want to connect with both of you on social media, what, what is your handle again? 

Stephanie Howell: Yeah, I am Mrs. Hal, 24 on Twitter. Feel free to send us a direct message or however you wanna get connected with us. 

Greta Sanders: And I'm great on Twitter, so you can also connect with me there.

I'm gre Sandler at Instagram if you wanna connect there. I'm mostly use Twitter, but I'm on Instagram too if you need. 

Jessica Pack: Oh, that's perfect. Well, that just about wraps up this episode of the Edge podcast. We hope you tune into isti Bootcamp to make the most of your isty Live 2023 experience. My name is Jessica Peck and you can [00:18:00] find me at Pac Woman 2 0 8 on Twitter and Instagram.

Georgia Terlaje: And I'm Georgia Tlai. And you can find me at Georgia tlai on Twitter. And you can find Jessica and I both at storytelling saves the 

Jessica Pack: On behalf of everyone at Ty's the Edge Podcast, remember to keep fostering your creativity, explore your passion, and continue taking risks, all things that can bring you to the edge.